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  2008  Ford Fusion (Green)                                                                                    
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6Cly, 5 speed, Tan Cloth, Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors. Sunroof, AC, CC, CD.  Information center, Rear Defrost, SUPER SPORTY, Classy! 

Mileage: 124K        

Price: $9,995.00

  2000 GLS Jetta 5 speed gray cloth.  A/C, Power Locks, Mirrors, Windows.  Sunroof, rear defrost. 1.8T.  Super nice, Super Cute Great on Gas!!

Price:  $5495.00

  2000 Lexus Platinum ES 300  (Black)                                                                              
Click to open slide show V-6, Automatic, 4 door, Tan Leather, Power, locks, windows, mirrors. Front Heated Power Seats, Rear Defrost, AC, CC. CD, 12Volt, seats 5, Sunroof. Loaded!

Mileage: 125,000


  2004 Ford Focus ZX5  (RED)       $5995.00
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4 Cyl, 5 Speed, Gray Cloth Int, AM/FM, CD, A/C, Rear Defrost, Rear wiper. Manual Locks, Windows, Economical!! Sporty N FUN!!!  90 DAYS SAME AS CASH!!!

Mileage: 118,000

Price: $5,995.00

  2006 Pontiac G6 GTP  (Black)       5 Speed!           

 V-6, 5 Speed, Black Leather Heated Power front seats, bench rear.  Power Locks, windows, Mirrors, Rear Defrost,  AC, CC, CD,  information Center, On Star, Moon Roof!!! 

Mileage: ,000

Price: $Sold!!

2002 Saturn L300 V6  (Silver)          BUY HERE PAY HERE!!!!
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6 CYL, FWD, Automatic, Gray Cloth interior, Power Locks, windows, Mirror,  AC, CC, CD,!! Rear Defrost. Moon Roof, seats 5. Privacy, glass, clean. Ready for a new home:)! 
Ask about this great car!!   fred@theotherguysauto.com

Mileage: 114,000                 

Price: $5,995.00

   2003 Saturn Ion   (Silver)           fred@theotherguysauto.com
Click to open slide show 4cyl, Automatic, Gray Cloth interior. Power Locks, Manual Windows, Mirrors, CD, Clock, Seats 5.  Rear Defrost, AC.   

Mileage: 125,000                            

Price: $4995.00

  2006 Mercury Mulan   (Maroon)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Click to open slide show    4 Cyl, 5 Speed,  Tan Leather Interior,  Power Drivers seat,  Power Locks Mirrors Windows, Information Center  A/C, CC,  CD, Tilt, Rear Defrost. Moon Roof, Super Clean!!!

Mileage:  162,000



 2004 Saturn Ion S (RED)            Military DISCOUNTS!!!!     
Click to open slide show 4 cyl, FWD, Automatic, Gray Cloth interior, 4 Door, Seats 5.  Power Locks, Windows, Heated Mirrors. A/C, CC, CD MP3 AM/Fm.  SRS, Rear Window Defrost.    

Mileage: 100,000

Price: $5995.00


 2000 Subaru Legacy AWD  (Blue)            Military DISCOUNTS!!!!     
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4 CYL, AWD, Automatic, Gray Cloth, 4 Door, Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Drivers seat.  Heated Mirrors, Rear Defrost,  A/C, C/C, CD, AM/FM,  roof rack, super clean little car! ready for your adventure!!! 

Mileage: 156,000

Price: $5495.00

  2003 Pontiac Vibe (Blue)                BUY HERE PAY HERE!!!!

4cyl, 5 speed, Black Cloth,  Power Windows locks mirrors. AC, CD, Rear Defrost, Rear Wiper.  Seats 5.  Gray Cloth, Great little Get around car!!

Mileage: 167,000

Price: $5995.00

  2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Touring (Silver)    LOWEST IN HOUSE RATES!!!               
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4 CYL, Automatic, Dark gray Leather seats. Seats 7, AC, CC, CD Power Locks Windows and mirrors. Front heated power captains chairs, Captains Middle row bench rear! Rear Defrost, A/C, DVD, Rear Wiper.  12 volt plug x2. Keep your kids comfortable and go on a Road Trip! 

Mileage: 138,000

Price: $8995.00

  2006 Scion XB  (White)              90 DAYS SAME AS CASH!!!!
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4cyl,  5 speed, 4 Door, Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors. Black Cloth Interior, Rear Wiper, Rear Defrost Side Rear Window Defrost.   AC, CD, Ipod Doc, Aux MP3. Storage for everything!! Super Little Car for your business or home!! 

Mileage:    113,000                   

Price: $7,995.00

  1999 Mercury Cougar    (Black)                   Military DISCOUNTS!!!!
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4Cyl, Automatic, Black Cloth Int.  Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors. Rear defrost, Rear Wiper. A/C, C/C, C/D with Aux!, Clock, seats 4. Sporty! Clean! Great on GAS!!

Mileage: 109,000


  1999 Mercury Cougar  (White)        NO Credit Checks!!!
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 4Cyl, 5 Speed!!!! Black Cloth Interior,  AC, CC, CD, Power Locks Windows, Mirrors, Drivers Seat. Sunroof, Super CUTE!! 

Mileage: 110,000

Price: $SOLD!!!

  2005 Ford Freestyle SEL   (Silver)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Click to open slide show   6Cyl, Automatic, front wheel Drive. Gray Cloth Interior, Seats 7.  Front Captains, 2nd row bench, Captains Rear.  Power  Power Locks, Mirrors, Windows. A/C, CC, CD, MP3, Tilt, Rear Defrost. Dual A/C, Heat Front Rear Heat, A/C. Great CAR with a small price tag!!

Mileage:  56,000



  2004 Chevrolet Cavalier        (YELLOW)         JUST IN!!!!                                                                                                                                                                             
Click to open slide show   4Cyl,  Automatic, Black Cloth interiror, Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors, rear window defrost. A/C, CC,CD,  Sunroof, Tilt, Bench rear seat. Seats 5. Super Cute Super Fun Little Car!!!

Mileage:  126,000



  2006 Volvo S60 (Blue)                       $5995.00!!!                                                                                                                                                                                           
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5 Cyl, Automatic, Tan Leather Interior,Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Power Drivers Seat. Heated Mirrors and front seats.  A/C, C/C, CD,  Rear Defrost, Tilt, SRS, Sunroof, Information Center, Seats 5. Super Value for  $5995.00!!!! 

Mileage:157 ,000


  2006 pontiac G6  (Blue)                                                                                
Click to open slide show   4 Cyl, FWD, Automatic, black Cloth Interior,  Power Drivers seat,  Power Locks Mirrors Windows. A/C, CC, CD,12V, information center, Tilt, Rear Defrost. Sunroof. Tinted Windows, Cute Ready to go!!  

Mileage:  148,000


   2000 Ford F-350  V-10(Blue)     90 Days Same As Cash!!!
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V10, Automatic, 4x4,  Gray Cloth, Power Locks, Windows, mirrors. 60/40 Front, Rear Bench, Tape, CD,AC, CC, information center.  Rear defrost, step rails, bed liner, Canopy, Tow Ready.  Great Looking, Great Running!!!!  

Mileage:  110,000

Price: $Thank you Repeat Customer!!

                   1997 Chevrolet xcab 5L Short bed   (White)                     

Automatic, 4X4 Ext Cab, , Short Bed!! Gray Cloth Bench front bench rear seats 6.  Mat Floor,  Manual Locks, Windows, Mirrors.   FM/Am, CD.  Rear slider, NEW Tires!!!  Ready to go to work for you!

Mileage:83 ,000

Price: $6995.00

   2002 Chevrolet Silverado LS  (Marron)   
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 1500, 4x4, four door. Short Bed, Automatic, Black cloth Interior 60/40 Front, rear bench.  Mat floor.  Power windows, locks, mirrors Seats. Heated Mirrors.  A/C, CC, CD. air bag on/off.  Very Clean, Tow Ready, ready for a new home!!!

Mileage:  197,000

Price: $8995.00

   1993 Ford F250 Long Bed (Gold)     90 Days Same As Cash!!!
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V-8, Automatic,  4x4, Tan Cloth interior. Front captains, rear bench.  Power Locks, Windows, AC, CC, CD. Tow Ready, Steps, Dual fuel tanks, Straight & Clean!!    

Mileage:  167K  

Price: $6,295.00 

                  2007 Chevrolet Silverado HD    (White)     90 DAYS SAME AS CASH!!!

Vortec, HD, automatic, 4x4, Mat Floor, Captains Front, Bench rear.  Ext cab with four doors, AC, CC, AM/FM, Gray Venial seats, Spray~In Bed Liner, Manual Locks, Windows, Mirrors. Easy to Clean mat flooring. Seats 6, TOW Ready!!  

Mileage: 229K                

Price: $10,900.00


                   1998 Ford Ranger XLT (White)   4x4                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Automatic, V-6, 4x4, Gray cloth interior, EXt Cab, 60/40 Bench Front seat, 2 jump seats rear.  Manual windows, and locks, Tow Ready,  AC, CC, rear sliding window,short bed.  Ready for a new adventure!
Mileage: 113K

Price: $6495.00


   1998 Ford Cargo Van   (White)
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4cyl, 5 speed, Gray cloth Int. Manual windows, Locks, .  Ready for you to start your own mobile business!!! Trays and rack, organize your tools and go!!!! 

Mileage: Exempt

Price: $3295.00

2001 Chevrolet Silverado 3500  (white)       BUY HERE PAY HERE!!
Click to open slide show  V-8, Automatic, 4x4, A/C, CC, Cd, MP3, Extended cab, 60/40 front seat, bench rear. Seats 6.  Long bed.  Diamond Plated Bed Rails, Cab lights, Tow Ready. Check out these WHEELS!!!

Mileage: 148,000

Price: $7995.00

1999 Ford F-250 V-10 4X4 Crew Long bed                              
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V-10, F-250, Lariat. Tan Leather Interior.  60/40 Front, Bench rear.  Automatic, 4X4,  AC CC AM/FM Tape. Tow Ready Really, Spray in bed Liner, Step Rails, Rear Slider, Power Locks, Windows, Drivers Seat.  Well cared for.

Mileage: 000

Price: $SOLD!!

2001 Chevrolet Silverado  (RED)          
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 V-8, K1500, 4x4, Automatic, Gray Cloth Int.  Manual Locks, Windows, Mirrors, AC, , CD,  Brake Controller, Tool Box, Tow Ready!!!  60/40 Front seat, Bench Back seat.  Rear Slider, Tint, Seats up to 6!!!  


Price: $SOLD


                  1999 Chevrolet Silverado LT  (GOLD)

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V-8, 2500 Automatic  Extended Cab, 3 door, Long Bed!!!! Brown Cloth, Seats 5. Power  Locks, Windows, Mirrors.  A/C, C/C, CD,  Fog Lights, Bed liner Tow Ready!!  

Mileage: 140,000

Price: $7995.00


2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (Silver) THANK YOU!!!
Click to open slide show 6Cyl, Automatic,  4x4,Gray Leather Int. A/C, C/C, CD   Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, petals, Seat. LOADED!!! Power outlets rear and front, Power rear slider, cargo cover, key-less entry

Mileage: ,000

Price: $SOLD!!


2001  Ford Explorer Sport Trac (DRK BLUE)     LOVE THIS TRUCK!!!

V-6, 4x4, Automatic, Gray Cloth, Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Drivers Seat. Power Rear Slider.  CD, AC, CC, Front Captains, rear bench.  Bed liner, tinted windows, Seats 5, step rails mat floors.  ready for a Great Home!!!Tow Ready!!! CLEAN and Ready to GO!

Mileage: 00                    

Price: $SOLD!!.00


                 2007  Chevrolet Express Van   (White)         BUY HERE!! PAY HERE!!     

 Automatic, Gray vinial, A/C, C/C,  Slider,  POWER LOCKS WINDOWS MIRRORS  

Mileage: ,000

Price: $SOLD



                              2002 Dodge  Ram SLT   (Blue)                   SOLD!

 4x4, Automatic, Black Cloth int. AC, CC, CD, Power,Locks, Windows, mirrors. Heated mirrors. Front 60/40 Rear bench,  AC, CC, CD. Info center, Spray in Bed liner!!  Tow ready!

Mileage: Thank YOU!

Price: $SOLD!!





   2004 volvo XC 90                                                                 BUY HERE PAY HERE!!! fred@theotherguysauto.com
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V-6, 4x4, AWD Automatic.  Tan Leather Interior, Heated front captains, Memory Drivers Seat. AC CC Cd rear AC Heat.  Front Captains Bech middle captains 3rd row.  Loaded Power Locks, Windows, mirrors,  Rear Defrost Rear Wiper, roof Rack.  Well maintained at a super price!! 

Mileage: 120K

Price:  $12995.00

             2004 Kia Sorento  (Blue)             BUY HERE PAY HERE!!!
6Cyl, 4x4, Automatic,  Gray Cloth Interior, Seats 5.   Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors.  Tilt,  A/C, C/C, CD,  Privacy Glass, Super Nice Driver!!! 

Mileage: 121,000


                              2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo  (Blue)    NO CREDIT CHECKS!!!

 V-6, Automatic,2WD, Gray Leather Interior.  Power Windows, Locks, mirrors,  A/C CC, CD.  Seats 5. Rear Defrost, Rear Wiper. Information Center, Tilt, 12Volt, SRS,
Mileage: 111,000


  2003 Dodge Durango SLT (Purple)  We Will Help You Build your Credit!!!!!                                                                          
LT, V-8 Automatic, 4x4, roof racks, step rails, Gray Cloth Interior, Power  Drivers seat, Front Captains. Middle and Rear bench seats.AC, CC, CD, AM/FM, Power Windows Locks mirrors. Tow Ready.  Loaded!!!

Mileage: 106K 

Price: $7995.00

Call FRED (360) 417-3788   

                                   2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (Blue)           
 V-6, 4X4, Automatic tow haul,  Black Cloth interior. Power locks windows,rear window, Captains Chairs Front,  Bench rear,  Seats 5. Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors, Drivers Seat. Heated Mirrors. Rear Defrost!!   A/C, C/C, CD MP3 Player.  Information center Inc. Bed liner, Super CUTE SUPER DEAL!!! fred@theotherguysauto.com 

Mileage: 102,000


                      1999 Isuzu Rodeo (Green)  fred@theotherguysauto.com
Automatic, V-6, 4x4, gray cloth Int. Power, Windows,Locks, Mirrors, AC, CC, CD, MP3, USB. Rear Wiper, Rear Defrost, Captains Front, rear Bench, Seats 5.Tilt, Roof Rack, 

Mileage: 125


                                 1997 Chevrolet Suburban (Blue)   
V-8, Automatic, 4x4, Gray Cloth Interior, Captains front, 2 rear bench. Large Cargo area. Seats 8.   AC, CC, CD, Power Locks, windows, mirrors.  Powers Drivers Seat. Rear Passenger Heat, AC radio, Rear wiper,  Rear Defrost! Roof rack, Tow Ready!

Mileage: 166K

2003 KIA SORENTO   (Green)
V6-, Automatic, 4x4, Tan, Leather Interior.  Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Front Captains heated.  Information center, Tilt, AC, CC, CD,  Moon roof, Rear Defrost wiper  Seats 5!!  Tow ready, step rails, roof rack! Clean! Clean!

Mileage: 108,000

Price: $8995.00

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe   (Black)     

V-8, Automatic, Gray Leather Int. Captains with console Front.  Bench middle bench rear, Seats 8!!. Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors, Seats, Heated Mirrors, heated front seats.  A/C, C/C, CD.
DVD, Rear Defrost, Rear wiper, Roof Rack. Rear Heat and AC. Step rails, On Star Super Nice!! Ready for a new home:)

Mileage:  158,000


2002 Nissan Pathfinder  SE (Gold)     
 6cyl, 5 speed, 4x4, Tan Cloth,  Captains Chairs in the Front, Bench rear seats 5.  Power windows, locks, mirrors, A/C, C/C, Rear Defrost, and Wiper, Privacy Glass rear, Step Rails, Roof rack Moon roof, tow ready.  USB!  Ready to GO!!! 

Mileage: 138,000


2003 Ford Expidition  XLT  (Gray)   360-417-3788

V6-, Automatic, 4x4, AWD, Gray Leather Interior.  Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors,  heated Mirrors. Seats 5.  Information center, Moon Roof, Tilt, AC, CC, CD, Rear Defrost wiper.  12Volt. 

Mileage: 122,000



                  2004 Ford Expedition   (Green)   $7995.00

V-8, Automatic, 4x4, Tqan Leather Interior.  Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Front seats, peddles, Heated mirrors seats, Captains front, Two rows of bench seats.  Information center,  Tilt, AC, CC, CD,  Rear Defrost, Wiper:  Rear Heat and AC, Seats 8!!  Step rails, roof rack! Clean! Clean! And TOW READY!!!

Mileage: 00,000

Price: $7995.00!